Remote Sessions

Group Distance Biofield Tuning is a unique therapeutic process designed to shift patterns and rhythms of the electromagnetic energy that flows through and around your body. Participants call into a group session and recline comfortably at home while listening as it is conducted (Everyone on call is “Muted” and will not be heard on the call or aware of anyone else on the call)

Lara reads, interprets and adjusts the group energy while sharing information to help you connect with your own vital life force energy and to participate in the clearing of the Blocks. It is a combination of coaching, education, and deep energy healing.




Your Personalized Private Remote Session can be experienced in the comfort of your own home, while on vacation or anywhere you can imagine. It’s your own personalized session, and you can enjoy it whenever, wherever and however you want to! I just hold your energy body in front of me and I am able to read it as if you were physically with me. Just relax and listen to the healing in an area where you can tune in to the sensations of your body and feel the healing take place.

While it sounds implausible, and it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, it can produce powerful state shifts for people – testimonials can be found here.

Most participants report experiencing the same kinds of outcomes listening to the recordings (which are sent out immediately after the session) as they do the live calls, so it’s not necessary to be able to make each live call.


If you need to get up to use the restroom the is fine, don’t worry. It is important to be
comfortable. So make sure you have water, a blanket.

Biofield Tuning Disclaimer:
Biofield Tuning and its associated processes should not be relied upon as health, medical, psychological, or other professional advice of any kind or nature.

Biofield Tuning is an energy medicine* method developed by Eileen McKusick, an author, researcher and
practitioner, ( for self-healing and wellness that uses sound waves produced by specialized tuning forks in the Biofield that surrounds the human body.

Energy medicine methods, such as Biofield Tuning, are designed to assess where the body’s energies are blocked, trapped, or not in harmony and then correct the flow of these energies by aligning the body’s
energies to boost health and vitality.


The theory of energy medicine methods is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies are important for physical, spiritual, and emotional health, and for fostering overall well-being.

You understand and accept that when utilizing Biofield Tuning the practitioner is not “diagnosing” or “treating” the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field and other allied healthcare
professionals, but instead is connecting to the energy or subtle “bodies” of the client that make it possible to manifest a change or transformation, which is then experienced directly by the client.

You understand there is a distinction between “healing” using Biofield Tuning and the practice of medicine or any other licensed health care practice.

Although Biofield Tuning appears to have promising emotional, spiritual, and physical health benefits, it has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities.

Therefore, Biofield Tuning may be considered experimental and the extent of its effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits, are not fully known.

Energy medicine methods such as Biofield Tuning are considered “alternative” or “complementary” to the healing arts licensed in the United States.

*Energy medicine is a collective term used that refers to a variety of energy techniques, processes, and methods based on the use, modification, and manipulation of energy fields that look at imbalances within
an individual’s energy system as well as the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on the body.

After a Biofield Tuning Session, everyone is different and will have a unique experience to a Biofield Tuning treatment.

Most people who receive Biofield Tuning sessions report feeling clearer, calmer, more relaxed, and more self-aware. Sometimes clients will experience a detox, which can vary greatly.


Some clients have reported:

● Profound exhaustion and tiredness, needing to sleep or lay low for a day or more: generally, happens with people who have been ‘running on empty’.

● Extreme emotionalism, or being very aware of formerly masked or buried
emotions- crying a lot, or being very angry.

● Headaches and/or dizziness

● In very rare instances: skin rashes, mucus, fevers, vomiting, loose stools, excessive thirst

Generally, these symptoms are detoxification and pass within a day or two, but if a condition persists, it is important to see your therapist again – sooner than later.

Sometimes people can get ‘stuck’ in the unwinding process and need an additional
boost to complete the adjustments. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please
feel free to discuss these with your Biofield Tuning practitioner.


Post Session Care

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy, in and out, is optimum after a sound therapy session. Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas after a session is recommended, and soaking in a mineral or epsom salt bath for 20 minutes minimum supports the body in detoxifying or releasing any physical components from the blockages released from the energy field. It is also beneficial to be well hydrated before a session due to the sound-conductive properties of water.

In climates that permit, it is highly recommended to spend some time walking barefoot outside in the grass or soil after your session. Connecting the bare feet to the earth will help to ground your energy, drawing excess energy down and out of the body, and drawing the earth’s negatively charged ions up into the body. This helps create a state of electromagnetic equilibrium in the system that can potentially relieve a wide variety of discomforts.

Becoming more well-balanced usually requires a change in perception and/or action of some kind or another. Simply becoming more aware of our habitual subconscious behaviors, becoming aware of ourselves from the place of ‘the witness,’ broadens the trajectory of our life
possibilities. Hence, we become more free to choose healthy and self-supporting behaviors.