Soul Realignment® is an intuitive Reading and Clearing of the Akashic Records: The Blueprint of your Soul. The database of life experiences. Your every thought, emotion, action and therefore experiences throughout time and space are still held within you and are affecting you now in regards to your life choices-actions and reactions.

I access your Akashic Records in order to share information with you-about the Divine nature of your Soul. This by done by accessing information based on your Soul’s origination. Information is shared with you about how you, through choice, have shaped your own experience over the course of many life-times.

The information given in a reading assists you in expressing your own Divine nature in every day life. It also offers an empowering explanation as to why you are experiencing many of your current circumstances.

An energetic “clearing” of your Akashic Records of negative influences created by choices, in both past and present lifetimes is part of the Soul Realignment process. This gives you a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift your current experiences.

Overall Soul Realignment® is a way to assist you with aligning, through choice, with your own Divine nature in order to create a human experience of abundance and fulfillment.

The Akashic Records

In a nutshell, the Akashic Records are the energetic “database” that stores all information about all choices that were ever made. Each Soul has its own Akashic Record, which contains all information about the Soul, back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source. The Akashic Records are fifth-dimensional in nature. Think of them as an energetic information super-highway that resides outside of time and space.

It’s important to realize that the Akashic Records are not a specific place! For the sake of focusing our conscious mind, we will imagine the Records as a “place” that we “go.” However, the Truth is that you ARE a part of the Records, just as you ARE a Soul. The Records do not exist “up there” while you are “down here.”

It’s important to realize that you are a multi-dimensional Being. You are third- dimensional in your human form, fourth-dimensional at the level of ego, and fifth- dimensional as a spiritual Being. All dimensions co-exist as expressions of one another. Think of them as a layer cake, with the densest, third-dimensional layer at the bottom of the cake. Now think of all layers occupying the same exact space! This is the nature of multi-dimensionality.

Please note that you are not actually “going” anywhere when you access the Records. Our visualization processes are merely designed as a journey to put the mind in a state of focused receptivity.

We are both human and Divine, at the same time, without separation. Soul Realignment is about embodying our own Divinity!