Connect with your Self on a deep energetic level as you clear the stress, drama and trauma of your past and present life experiences.

We all have noise that is stuck in our body! Our energy bodies are scrambled and it is causing us to be imbalanced and creates pain in our lives.

Wat to learn how to clear the noise and remove the blocks?

Come to Lara’s workshop!

She will share with you, many tools and techniques that you can carry into your day that will shift your vibration and clear the stress and imbalances.


The Workshop Will Consist Of:

A Guided Trans Dance- Meditation in Motion- A combo of Yoga, Qi Gong and Energy Medicine Moves, that relate to the chakras, sacred geometry and the Elements of nature.

Experience a powerful healing meditation- Movement in Stillness- You will be guided into a relaxed Alpha-Theta State and connect with your electromagnetic energy body and experience a massage from the inside out as you connect with your own life force energy in a very profound way and explore the debts of your beingness as it heals itself. This is a group Energy Healing Session- Including Reiki and Biofield Tuning!

Come and Connect with Your Own Energy Body and Experience Your Self Healing!

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