Hello! I'm Lara

Energy Healer and Sound Therapist

My Journey

I was born in South Africa, but I was raised in San Diego, California. As a child, I was very sensitive and was shy and introverted. I had a lot of fear and I held on to stress. Later in my life, I had a series of experiences that led me to find energy healing. It helped me to realize that all the stress and fear-based energy was just me being sensitive to, and taking on other people’s energy.

After college, I decided to go back to my roots, home to Africa! I traveled all throughout Eastern and Southern Africa on an overland adventure with my awesome mom! I decided to stay in Africa and discovered Yoga while I was pregnant with my second child. That was the first experience I had felt the energy moving in my physical body. I felt enormous electrical charges moving through my body after doing intensive yoga, when an energy healer touched my toe, in our first vinyasa flow. Also, during a yoga training in Guatemala- I learned to do Thai Yoga massage, and I held people in tears, as they shed their emotions, releasing from the physical movement of energy.

Then, years later, I found Reiki after suffering from an accident where I ended up with a concussion. After an energy healing session at a yoga retreat, I was given a series of Reiki Meditations, and I could not believe how the stress in my body began to melt away and I felt my body shift into my light body almost instantly. I knew I needed to get attuned to Reiki. After I did, it honestly changed my life completely, for the best.

After I completed my Reiki training, while on vacation in Florida, I went for a swim in the ocean and a sick puffer fish that was floating on its side and seemed to be dying floated next to me. I instinctively opened my hands and it swam into them. It was like we were connecting at a deep level. The fish stayed in my hands for about five minutes and then it swam off with more vibrance and energy. This was a magical experience and felt it was to show me the power of energy healing.

I began to do Reiki with friends and family and there were many stories of instant healing. My husband who was a skeptic threw his back out, and I was able to do Reiki on him on a plane ride and it healed by the time we landed. My friend broke her leg, and during a session, she could feel the bones moving back into place and we even heard it. The same also happened with my daughter who broke her ankle. My friend who could barely breathe without coughing deeply came to me, and during her first session she felt a huge fog leave her chest and she took a deep breath and her lungs were clear.

Then, I kept hearing about Akashic Records and was driven to learn more about this. That began the Soul Realignment journey. My goal has become to not only assist in the clearing process but to help people have a deeper connection with themselves, re-aligning and awakening to their higher consciousness and powerful abilities to heal themselves and their past life karmic patterns.

I then came upon sound healing and had many experiences in Malaysia and Bali that blew me away- the healings were so profound. I met a friend with a vibro-acoustic sound table and loved how it heightened the healing experience. After purchasing my own table, I went to a Sound Healing Convention in San Francisco and this is where I met Eileen Mckusick and decided to become a Biofield Tuning practitioner.

So now I am able to see all the links and how these modalities are so inter-related. I am thrilled to be able to assist others in their healing journeys. I work with people of all ages: babies, children, and animals too. I conduct private sessions, couples sessions, group sessions, in-person, and remote sessions.

I have a private practice here in Northern Nevada. But I also do a lot of remote work with clients around the world. I have a VibroAcoustic Sound table that adds a beautiful symphony of Sound that has high vibrational frequencies that run through you to the bone. A lovely added bonus to the Biofield Tuning and Reiki Session that you can receive.

I conduct sessions, workshops, and mini-retreats at businesses, health fairs, Company Wellness Days, as well. My workshops often combine yoga, dance, meditative sound baths with the help of singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, and more.

I have a traveling “Wellness on Wheels” vintage Airstream, called OnSpot Vibes. Being mobile, I can come to your doorstep, do private events, parties, even “movie sets” for the crew- to realign and boost your energy and productivity, making for a better environment.

I look forward to helping you Connect, Clear and Create Flow on your journey, wherever you may be.