Seed of Life

Lara’s Artist Statement 

I have found myself painting less with a paintbrush and more with my hands. I connect with my higher intuitive self and my energy field and allow the art to unfold.  My intention is for my artwork to bring about a shift in the viewer’s energy as well. Always connecting with love and light frequencies. Each piece has a very special place in my heart as I have nurtured it and brought it into the world. So when they go off to their new home I am feeling so excited for it to now spread its wings and fly… and bring joy to all who connect with it.  As well as activating love and light frequencies in its new home. 

My process begins by connecting with the earth and sun, aligning my central channel, setting the mood, and the intention to come forth through the artwork. With a meditative mindset as I often begin with painting affirmations, uplifting words, or sacred symbols to set the foundation for the canvas.  I have grown fascinated with nature and organic shapes, and sacred geometry, which is what inspires the visual landscape of my work. I play with colors, textures, lines, and shapes and witness the canvas come alive.

My intention is for the viewer to connect with the frequencies that are flowing, and the vibrations within the canvas – Where one has their own activation, interpretation, or a  message is received that is just what that Soul needs at the moment. Connecting to one’s senses and having that sense of freedom and connection that is inspirational and uplifting. 

If my artwork feels uplifting by just putting warmth in your heart or a smile on your face, this alone will create a shift vibrationally. May you shift into a space of ease, and flow as you connect with the energies your Soul desires. Each piece has love and light to ignite the peaceful and joyful frequencies within your heart and soul.




Sacred Source

Direction- I know where I am headed.


Infinite Expansion

Quartz Crystal Love

Ancient Coral Creation


Flow from the Core

Latest Collection of Paintings with Crystal Stones

Amber Activated





Radiance Rising