Sound brings your mind into proper tone. It is the most original form of yoga. Enjoy a nervous system cleanse. What you are thinking makes you stronger or weaker.

What to expect in a Sound Bath.

A Sacred sound space. Singing bowls will soothe you along with a giant Womb Drum, gong, and other unique, high-frequency instruments to break and clear energetic patterns within you, soothe the nervous system and activate the energy centers of the body and biofield. With the unique journey of restorative yoga, Thai yoga therapeutics, and sacred sounds and healing hands, you cannot go wrong. All things come from sound. All things are sound. All things go back to sound.

Experience a Blissful Sound Symphony Journey into the Soul hearing: Tuning Forks, Tibetan, Crystal and Japanese singing bowls placed around the body in the Biofield for tuning the human Biofield, and the Gong & Womb Drum for a guided journey into alignment, freedom and flow.

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