Types of Sessions


Lara reads, interprets, and adjusts the energy while sharing information to help you connect with your own vital life force energy and to participate in the clearing of the blocks.

It is a combination of coaching, education, and deep energy healing. While it sounds implausible, and it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, it can produce powerful state shifts for people – testimonials can be found here.


Remote sessions can be conducted live, while the client is on the phone or on a Zoom call. Another option, for your convenience, is a recorded session.

Most participants report experiencing the same kinds of outcomes listening to the recordings (which are sent out immediately after the session) as they do on the live calls, so it’s not necessary to be able to make each live call. It can be compared to listening to a guided meditation- the effects can be felt whenever it is listened to.

The effectiveness of the energy is not constrained to the moment, it can be listened to on your own time and multiple times if you would like.

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