I had always been something of a skeptic regarding the effects of energy healing, to be honest. However, I have to say that the experiences I have had with Lara as one of her lucky patients opened my mind up entirely and forever to the incredible benefits and possibilities of this form of healing. On one occasion I had a stomachache. Within a few minutes she was working over the area with her hands slightly above it and in a deep state of concentration. Very quickly I felt a deep heat in my stomach and a few minutes later again the stomachache had gone. It was quite astonishing and yet at the same time, it felt perfectly natural that I should feel deeply relaxed, and with a strong sense of well-being. I could feel a deep and soothing heat sensation as she moved across different parts of my body, and I always came out of the sessions feeling incredibly relaxed and re-energized, and somehow also mentally and spiritually cleansed. Lara clearly has a very special gift that is capable of real healing qualities. Moreover, she treats her gift with a respect and humility that fills you with belief and a total sense of trust and security. You are going on a journey together. It is hard to explain, but it is real and ultimately life-enhancing. 

Sarah Dalton

County Durham, England

I am presently living in Suzhou, China.  I had heard of Lara’s Energy Healing practice and decided to book a session with her while I was visiting Kuala Lumpur.  I had had a hacking cough emanating from my lungs for over 6 weeks probably due to the heavy pollution in Suzhou.  Over the 6 weeks, I hadn’t seen any improvement whatsoever and could not breathe at all deeply into my lungs.   

I asked Lara to do a healing specifically on my lungs.  She spent some time grounding me before starting and also lay me on her sound bed for some overall healing.  After a few minutes, Lara started working Reiki on my lungs.  She guided me through some breathing and visualization techniques and as she continued I could feel her healing energy.  I began to breathe more and more deeply into my lungs and felt as though she was pulling a dark sickness or the pollution out of my lungs.  Amazingly, when I got up from the table I was no longer coughing and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my body.

It is now 5 days later and I am still breathing fully into my lungs and have no cough.  It is truly amazing that I could be healed of such a persistent sickness and in such a short period of time.  I feel that Lara truly has the gift of healing energy in her hands and am so grateful that I booked a session with her.

Brenda Lyons

Suzhou, China

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